Project Feline – Pre-Alpha Download

Project Feline is a freeform parkour platforming game where you control a highly agile feline-human hybrid as she races through complex multi-route environments.

In Project Feline you take control of Gabi, a cat-human hybrid who can gracefully run, jump, wall-run and grind through the world. It has a focus on speedrunning, with roughly prescribed routes through the levels that still offer a nice amount of freedom to players for experimentation.

The current build of Project Feline features one main level and an assortment of extra modes and test areas to mess around with. The main level is very well crafted, allowing for a nice sense of flow, while offering plenty of different routes and ways you can shave off vital milliseconds off your time.

Even in these early stages of development Project Feline is a slick, stylish and addictive slice of parkour speedrunning. It could perhaps do with a vault/climb option to leap over smaller objects, as the standard jump looks great for leaping through the air but not so much for the smaller jumps. Other than that though, it’s a blast and you can imagine that speedrunners are going to come up with some pretty interesting routes through its levels.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Project Feline Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)