Project Grove – Kickstarter Demo

Project Grove is a beautiful and chilled-out first person puzzle platforming adventure which follows a legendary alchemist and his helpful robot companion as they discover the secrets hidden within a mysterious ancient forest.

In Project Grove you jump into the boots of Edric, a legendary alchemist who has been tasked with searching for a cure for “The Great Rot” which is plaguing the world. The answer appears to lie somewhere in the forest of Dacrima – a vast place filled with secrets, dangerous terrain and exotic flora.

Edric can walk, jump and grab objects much like any puzzle platforming protagonist, but he also has a robotic companion called L-PIN, who really comes in handy. L-PIN can instantly transform into a floating platform, which not only allows Edric to traverse obstacles, but can also be used in some very inventive ways.

The Project Grove Kickstarter demo takes around 20 minutes to play through and it really impresses with its gorgeous visuals, chilled out atmosphere and creative puzzle design. It’s a pleasure to spend time with old Edric and his robotic companion as they discover the mysteries of the vibrant and magical forest. A delightful alchemic adventure well worth delving into.

Download The Project Grove Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)

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