Project Grove – Prologue Download

Project Grove is a beautiful and inventive first person puzzle platforming metroidvania where an old alchemist searches for a cure for a rot that has infected the world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020 during its successful Kickstarter campaign, Project Grove is a first person adventure that blends puzzles, platforming, crafting and metroidvania elements. In the game you take control of Edric, an elderly alchemist who has been sent in search of a mythical Grove which may hold the cure to “The Great Rot” that is plaguing the world.

On your adventure you’ll analyse and collect the local fauna, navigate dangerous terrain, solve puzzles and craft useful potions. You’re not alone on your quest though – you have a little flying AI buddy that not only chats away and gives you advice, but also has other uses – such as scanning the terrain and transforming into a floating platform.

The Project Grove prologue features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and allows you to explore a big chink of its lush game world. It’s a lot of fun exploring and figuring out how the local fauna can be used to aid your progress and the voice acting for Edric is very endearing. It makes for a very chilled out adventure that’s more about working with nature rather than blasting it. Highly recommended.

Download The Project Grove Prologue Here (Steam)