Project Queen’s Meadow – Student Project Game

Project Queen’s Meadow is a stylish first person dungeon crawling RPG adventure that draws inspiration from From Software’s King’s Field series.

In Project Queen’s Meadow you take on the role of an unnamed adventurer who wakes up inside a house within a sprawling cave system. The slime-filled caves are dangerous, but thankfully someone has been helpful enough to leave notes and a some useful equipment for you to use that will aid your progress.

Although the stylish Minecraft-esque visuals of Project Queen’s Meadow are quite different from King’s Field, the gameplay and brooding atmosphere is very similar. It features King’s Field’s slow paced proto-Dark Souls combat, with stamina bars and shields (though it’s very easy to defeat enemies by moving back and forth to avoid attacks while hitting them with your own attacks).

Project Queen’s Meadow features around 30 mins of gameplay and does end very abruptly (it’d be nice to see it continued in another episode sometime), but it’s a fun little dungeon crawling adventure with a great sense of atmosphere and an interesting game world to explore. A bite sized dungeon crawler well worth taking a bite of.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Project Queen’s Meadow Here (Windows)