Project Rascal – Multiplayer Alpha Demo

A new multiplayer (and time trial) focused Project Rascal demo has just been released, featuring four challenging gravity-defying tracks to beat your rivals on.

We featured the single player Alpha build of Project Rascal on Alpha Beta Gamer last year and found it to be the perfect fusion of Sonic style gameplay and a large open 3D environment. The latest build doesn’t have that large sprawling level design, but it does allow you to race against rivals on four differently themed race-focused tracks.

As with the last build, Rascal’s movement is fast, fluid and responsive, with a very Sonic-like handling system. Each of the four tracks offers a real challenge and you’ll need to learn them if you want to beat your rivals or get a decent time trial time. It’s a very impressive demo and it looks like Project Rascal’s multiplayer content is going to be just as strong as its single-player content. It’s going to be one hell of a game!

Download The Project Rascal Multiplayer Alpha Demo Here (Windows)