Project Shore – Alpha Build

Project Shore is a very impressive single player tactical RPG adventure with a branching narrative where decisions can have a dramatic effect on the gameplay and a unique battle system that minimizing micromanaging.

In Project Shore you take control of a brother and sister who carry out mercenary work for those who need it. You have been asked to meet a contact at a small village and once you get there it soon becomes apparent that your services may well be required – the village is being shaken down by a local gang and there’s word of strangers who are arriving on the shore…

As you explore the stylish Unreal Engine 4 powered low poly world Project Shore you’ll come across NPCs and chat with them. Your decisions during these conversations can dramatically affect the narrative and your chances in future battles. Some of the battles can be near-impossible if you make the wrong decisions, so sometimes the best option is to roll back to one of the convenient autosaves and go on from there.

The battle system in Project Shore takes a little getting used to, but is very enjoyable once you get to grips with it. It avoids micromanaging, instead allowing you to give simple orders to your units who then automatically assess which abilities to use in certain situations. Battles are turn based, with you giving your orders in the planning phase then watching how they play out in the combat phase. The combat phase is non-interactive, but it’s great fun panning the camera around and watching how the battle pans out as the stylish low poly characters beat the crap out of each other.

It’s still early in development but Project Shore is already shaping up very nicely. The branching narrative allows for lots of replayability, the visual style is very cool and the combat system allows you to actually enjoy the battles rather than micromanage them. Highly recommended.

Note: Depending on the decisions you’ve made some battles may be very tough to beat. It can be best off rolling back to a previous autosave and making a different choices. There are also multiple endings to the current build, so it’s worth playing through a few times.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Project Shore Alpha Here (Windows)