Project Starship – Alpha Demo

project starship

Project Starship is a bat-shit crazy bullet-hell arcade vertical-shooter, with big, beautiful sprites bursting with color, procedurally generated levels, random ‘Mad Events’ 19 bosses and tons of minions to smash.

It shows a lot of love to the classic arcade shoot-em-ups of the 80’s (you can even use the ‘Konamai Code’), but takes their old school shmup gameplay, adds a ton of bullets and turns everything up to 11.  The procedural generation, multiple power ups and random ‘Mad events’ give a roguelike feel to Project Starship, with every game feeling as fresh and crazy as the last.

As well as the visual feast on-screen, the soundtrack also rocks, offering up excellent retro-inspired music and sfx.  You really won’t have time to admire any of this though as all of your concentration is spent on avoiding the myriad of bullets hurtling towards you.  With it’s retro leanings and chaotic action, Project Starship is tough, vibrant, crazy and tons of fun.  A Bullet-Crazy-as-Hell Shooter.

UPDATE: Alpha Demo No Longer Available