Project Starship X – Beta Demo

Project Starship X (PSX) is a wonderfully weird and over the top Anime styled vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up where you blast and dodge your way through all manner of crazy cosmic horrors – including giant crab monsters and a zombie Hitler!

You’ve never played a shoot ‘em up like Project Starship X before. It blends humor with chaos, carnage and cosmic horror as your Anime styled pilot blasts their way through a colorful 16-bit styled universe. The levels, monsters and bosses are inspired by everything from Lovecraft to Mario and are packed full of secrets and useful power-ups to collect.

The core gameplay is easy to pick up and play, with your ship capable of shooting and using a special dodge function to pass through barriers and enemy fire. There are four pilots to choose from (and at least one unlockable secret pilot), each of which has their own unique loadout and later levels also introduce a crab/frog-like land based craft that you switch to if you fly over land (which shakes up the gameplay considerably. The levels are hand crafted but they do also implement procedurally generated elements to keep you on your toes each playthrough.

With all the chaos that unfolds on screen you’d think that Project Starship X would be an impenetrable bullet hell shooter that only experts can beat, but thanks to the way it warns you where attacks are coming from, it’s actually quite accessible. In fact, even if you’re a shoot ‘em up noob, it does a great job of making you feel like a legend as you blast your way through its chaotic levels full of cosmic monstrosities. It often looks like a bullet hell shooter, but it has the difficulty of a traditional arcade shooter.

It’s a very entertaining game that’s packed full of fun surprises, high quality pixel art animation, great humor and gameplay that challenges the player but also makes you feel like an ace pilot. Buckle up, this game is one hell of a ride! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Project Starship X Beta Demo Here (Steam)