Project Tetra – Prototype Download

Project Tetra is a very stylish Hyper Light Drifter inspired top down pixel art action adventure that sees you searching for your child in a land ruled by machines.

In Project Tetra you take on the role of a lone adventurer who wakes up in an unfamiliar land. An old man found you and rescues you in a nearby forest, but now your child and your memory cores are missing. You’ll have to venture out into the machine-controlled world to recover them. As you explore you’ll meet lots of NPCs, discover secrets, battle robots and unlock new skills.

Even in these early stages of development there’s a lot to like about Project Tetra – the pixel art is excellent, the game world is interesting and the move-set you acquire on your travels soon turns you into a robot-wrecking badass. There are quite a few bugs at the moment and it can be a little confusing sometimes figuring out where you’re supposed to go, but it’s a very promising start. A stylish secret-filled action adventure well worth embarking on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the RIGHT Ctrl and Shift buttons to attack and dash instead of the left ones – it makes things a whole lot easier!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Project Tetra Prototype Here (Windows)