Project Warlock II – Kickstarter Demo

Project Warlock II is a brutal retro FPS that draws inspiration from Blood, Hexen and Quake as three disciple warlocks set out to confront their old master.

Following on from the well received 2018 original, Project Warlock II will feature three different chapters, each of which follows the story of a different disciple of the original game’s warlock protagonist. Each of the warlocks has a different playstyle and arsenal of weapons and they can also use spells to aid them in battle.

The Kickstarter demo features one large level that takes around 30 minutes to play through and is packed full of monsters to blast and secrets to discover. The guns feel great and the action is intense, but what’s perhaps most notable is that the levels now have much more verticality than the original game, feeling much more Quake-like than Wolfenstein-like.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun and really impresses with its stylish retro visuals, cleverly interconnected level design and intense run ‘n gun action. If you liked the original game you’re going to love what they’re cooking up for the sequel. Highly recommended.

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