Project Wingman – Kickstarter Demo

Project Wingman is an easily accessible and spectacle filled indie air combat game that puts most mainstream air combat games to shame.

We first featured Project Wingman on Alpha Beta Gamer last month and found it to be a gorgeous looking air combat game with epic dogfights and easily accessible gameplay. The only thing lacking in the previous build was mission variety, but thankfully the dev has addressed that issue and then some…

The current build of Project Wingman features three pilotable fighter jets (the SV-37, Sk.27 and the F/E-18), each with customizable loadouts of rockets and bombs. It also features multiple difficulty levels for those who prefer a little more realism and challenge (though it’s still very much an arcade experience rather than a full on sim).

There are three missions available in Project Wingman’s Kickstarter build – an anti-air mission, a facility assault mission and a multi-role mission. They’re all great fun, but Chainlink (the multi-role mission) offers the most fun and variety, with you starting high in the sky for some air-to-air combat, switching to a ground assault mid-mission then attempting to take down heavily armed bombers for the finale. It’s exhilarating stuff, with your climactic battle with the bombers effectively feeling like a boss fight.

All of the missions feature a nice variety of enemies (and bombers) to deal with and the air-based enemies in particular can offer a real challenge to take down. Once you get a missile lock, it doesn’t necessarily mean your missile will hit, they can do evasive maneuvers as well as you can. You’re not alone though – you do have some wingmen by your side to help take them down.

The visuals are very impressive (particularly the explosions), but a special shout out also has to go to the audio design in Project Wingman. It features a fantastic audio score that really heightens the experience and the fully voiced chatter of your accompanying wingmen really makes you feel like you’re part of a team taking on the might of the enemy forces.

Even in its current state it’s hard to find any way that Project Wingman puts a foot wrong – the action is intense, it handles beautifully and the audio/visual design is incredibly polished. Move over Ace Combat, there’s a new kid in town.

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