Project Winter – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are live for the Project Winter open Beta, a sub-zero multiplayer survival game where players work together while one (or more) of the players in your midst are attempting to sabotage you.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last September during the closed Alpha sign up, Project Winter is a multiplayer survival game where not everyone is aiming for survival. In the game eight players find themselves trapped in a log cabin in a snow-filled wilderness and must work together to keep their health, warmth and food levels up.

Players will have to venture out into the wilderness for resources, but must also keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour from their colleagues. There’s a Werewolf-esque element of deception and sabotage to the game which sees one or more of the players being tasked with making sure no-one survives – sabotaging them by any means necessary whilst trying to remain undetected.

It’s a great looking game, with stylish low poly visuals and a fun blend of sub-zero survival and sabotage. The Open Beta is due to take place February 1st-3rd so sign up now to join in the frostbitten fun!

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Special thanks to plzcallmelala for the heads up about this Beta!