Project Xandata – Open Beta

Project Xandata is a fast paced competitive first person shooter where players customize their high-tech armor to suit their play style and do battle in 3v3 arena combat.

In Project Xandata you become a Xandat – a highly skilled soldier with customizable high-tech armor that can give you an edge in battle. The armor can be customized to suit a variety of different play styles and different roles within your three player team. The game features three different game modes – a Skirmish Mode where players earn points for kills (and extra points for elaborate kills), an Annihilation Mode where each team has a set amount of lives per match and a Corruption Mode where players compete to collect shards (by killing each other or from an obelisk that spawns on randomly on the map).

You’ll have to install the IDC Games Launcher to play the Project Xandata, but it’s a promising game with fast paced multiplayer arena combat that supports a nice variety of playstyles. The Beta runs until May 7th, so jump in now to join in the fun.

Join in the Project Xandata Beta Here