Protagas Bleeds – Alpha Demo

Protagas Bleeds is a classic 90’s style survival horror game set in a mysterious motel filled with grotesque abominations and TV-headed monsters.

Currently in development by Bryce Butcher (creator of Fatum Betua and Remember Places?), Protagas Bleeds follows the story of a couple who are setting out to make a new start, but break down in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately for them there’s a motel nearby, but unfortunately for them it’s full of zombie-like TV-headed monsters and other unfathomable horrors.

The current build of Protagas Bleeds takes around an 30 minutes to play through and plays very much like a classic Resident Evil style survival horror game. It has fixed cameras, limited inventory space, tank controls, scarce ammo and some minor puzzle solving. It also has a few fun little twists to the formula, such as first person sections and a manual reload system where you physically change the mag and cock the gun.

It could do with making the TV-headed monsters more of a threat (as most of the time you can just run around them) but other than that it’s a very promising slice of old school survival horror. It hits all the right notes nostalgia-wise, the setting has a lot of potential and it looks like it’s going to get pretty weird as the story progresses. The characters are also pretty interesting and the monster designs are very freaky (particularly the one in room 113). Too much TV can be very bad for you in this freaky motel!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Protagas Bleeds Here (Part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc)