Protektor – Game Jam Build

Protektor is a fast paced Hotline Maimi-esque top-down shooter where you guide a VIP to safety through 10 increasingly challenging floors of an office block.

Created for Ludum Dare 46, Protektor is a fast paced one-shot-kill top-down shooter in a similar vein as Hotline Maimi. However, there are some significant differences – you only have a handgun which can take a little time to reload and you’re accompanied by a VIP who you have to protect at all costs. Also, Protektor isn’t a twin-stick shooter – you simply move with the WASD or arrow keys and your character will auto-aim at nearby enemies.

It’s a fast and fun little game where you really have to be quick on the trigger finger to survive. The addition of a VIP you have to protect offers a real challenge in later levels too as you can’t just duck in and out of cover, you need to clear whole areas at once to make sure nobody manages to get off a shot at them. It turns out a top-down shooter is much harder when you don’t just have to worry about your own safety!

Play Protektor Here (Browser)

1 thought on “Protektor – Game Jam Build”

  1. Very bad and annoying game. I think developers didn’t want to amuse us they just wanted to annoy us. Because some parts of game is unnecessary hard and almost impossible.

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