Proto Raider – Beta Download

proto raider

Proto Raider is a wonderful retro platformer (a VERY retro platformer) with an ASCII visual style, where every level is a tricky one-screen mini-quest for you to conquer.

As your character constantly walks forward, you control him with just one button – the spacebar – allowing you to do surprisingly diverse amount of actions – including jumping, swimming, surfing, flying in tornadoes and fighting monsters.  You must plan your route through each level carefully, as there are many ways to die, including being burnt to ashes, drowned, poisoned, stabbed, annihilated or turned to stone.

With so many ways to die, and so few ways to succeed, Proto Raider is a tough game.  Each level is a puzzle that has to be solved, timing jumps to direct your character to plot a safe route to the exit.  It’s a challenging and surprisingly complex retro platformer – possibly the most retro platformer ever created!

Check Out the Greenlight Page HERE

Download the Proto Raider Beta HERE (Win) or HERE (Mac)