Protocol 47 – Game Jam Build

Protocol 47 is a hilarious little musical adventure that sees you cutting your own Black Eyed Peas-esque celebrity charity single to spread awareness about the overpopulation of the world.

The world is overcrowded and we’re all going to die. The only thing for it is for the government to invoke Protocol 47 and get some celebrities (who look and sound a lot like the Black Eyed Peas) to cut a charity single to spread awareness of the problem. Forget Live Aid, this is Death Aid.

When producing your record you have to choose between two different tunes (Feel Good or Inspiring) and you then choose the lyrics, after which “J. Tizzle” fills in the blanks and you hear the entire thing in all it’s glory, performed by someone who looks a lot like Depending on which tune you chose the songs will sounds very different (though remarkably similar to popular Black Eyed Peas Songs), and the lyrics will all be the ones that you chose (for better or worse!).

As we’ve come to expect from Point Beep Studios, Protocol 47 is a very funny game with some excellent voice work and lots of great tongue-in-cheek humor. Perhaps more surprising is that the lyrics are excellent and the singing goes very well with the music. Will it stop the overpopulation of the world? Maybe not. But it sure is a lot of fun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Protocol 47 Here (Windows & Linux)