ProtoCorgi – Alpha Demo

ProtoCorgi is an R-Type-esque side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up where you control a cybernetic flying corgi on a quest to save his owner.

In ProtoCorgi you take control of Bullet, a cybernetic corgi whose bark is more deadly than his bite. As you fly through the beautifully animated game world you’ll blast waves of enemies, collect power-ups and battle bosses on your quest to rescue your master.

As with any good shoot ‘em up you have a few options when it comes to firepower. You can tap the fire button to bark at your enemies, hold the fire button to continually fire at your enemies, you can use special attacks and you can fire a ghost corgi in-front of you (a little like the pod in R-Type)

The current demo build of ProtoCorgi features a single large level with increasing difficulty levels unlocked each time you complete it. Increasing the difficulty doesn’t just buff enemy health bars, it significantly alters the placement of enemies and even alters the boss’ attack patterns.

ProtoCorgi may have a cute little corgi protagonist, but it’s got plenty of bite. It’s challenging (particularly on harder difficulty levels), the controls are responsive, the level design is very well done and the pixel art animation is excellent. A fantastic little shoot ‘em pup well worth taking for walkies.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the ProtoCorgi Alpha Demo Here (Windows)