Protoworld – Alpha Demo

Protoworld is a delightful puzzle platforming exploration adventure where you can eat almost anything you see as you evolve and unlock new abilities in a world where a star is falling.

In Protoworld you take control of an odd looking little creature who lives in a world filled with lots of other species of odd little creatures. You can talk to some of the creatures and you can also eat them, in fact you can eat anything that moves (and most things that don’t), including plants and star shards. Eating stuff gives you xP which allows you to level up and eating star shards allows you to learn new skills (often altering your body in the process).

The demo build of Protoworld takes around 20 minutes to play through and serves as a tutorial and a test area to explore and play around in. It’s a lot of fun exploring the world, discovering all its delightful quirks and eating all the local wildlife. The character movement feels great and there are lots of fun skills to unlock that hint at a metroidvania style of progression in the full game. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on as even in these early stages of development, it’s a real joy to spend some time in Protoworld’s odd little world.

Download The Protoworld Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)