Proven lands is a vast procedurally generated science-fiction sandbox roguelike with en emphasis on exploration, inspired by Star Trek, Don’t Starve, Project Zomboid and Cataclysm.

This isn’t just another sandbox survival game, here there is an emphasis on exploration and storytelling.  The story of Proven Lands unfolds in two distinct ways, one is a scripted story about friendship, bravery and even a pregnancy, while the other is generated by an AI game-master that reacts to the player, weaving a unique game-playing experience for each playthrough.  Both or these options sound fantastic, though for a pure sandbox experience, the player will have the option to turn the scripted storyline off.


The planets of Proven Lands look wonderful, a lot of work has gone in to making it them feel like a real alien landscape, with diverse creatures living in their own ecosystems.  As you traverse the landscape, you’ll encounter weather effects, natural disasters, a variety of topographies, enemies and AI companions (including a cat in it’s very own cat spacesuit).  You’ll also build, craft, use vehicles, create outposts, progress your chosen character type, choose alliances and travel to other planets, it’s a pretty ambitious game.

The Pre-Alpha is a very early build, so obviously is nowhere near fully featured.  You can eat, drink, chop trees, destroy stones and kill enemies, fight hunger, thirst and diseases, all in an endless procedurally generated terrain.   Although pretty basic at the moment, the Pre-Alpha does give you a basic overall feel of the game, and a sense that the finished product could be something very special.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately the Proven Lands Pre-Alpha is no longer available.

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