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PSI is a creepy Unreal Engine Powered first person horror adventure in which you play a lone rescue diver who is sent into a sunken cruise liner to retrieve it’s black box.

There’s a distinct Bioshock-esque feel to PSI, with it’s grimy steampunk visuals, narrative derived through audiologs and the way that your diving suit feel a lot like a Big Daddy. You’re nowhere near as tooled up as a Big Daddy though with only a puny harpoon gun to defend yourself, which is unfortunate as there are some particularly nasty looking monsters roaming the decks!

On your travels through the sunken ship, you’ll discover audiologs, left by a young man and a young woman who have met aboard the ship and start a romance. It’s quite interesting listening to how the fledgling relationship works out, and as PSI is far more Bioshock than Titanic, don’t expect a heartwarming love story!

PSI does have a few rough edges, but the audio design and audio are excellent throughout (particularly the terror-inducing music score that plays whenever a monster is near). It’s a very creepy and claustrophobic horror that’s well worth diving into for some deep sea scares.

Note: There appears to be a bug with the Oxygen meter (it always reads zero), Your Oxygen does deplete though so don’t dawdle, and if you start to hear a loud alarm, that means you’re running out of air – find a canister quick!

Check Out a PSI Walkthrough Video Here

Download PSI Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “PSI – Student Project Download”

  1. I just recorded this for a let’s play to release on my channel tomorrow… I have to say this is such an amazing game. The sound was really disturbing (In an effective way), it messed with my head and had me worrying about oxygen – even the main screen was ominous!

    The game play reminded me a bit like Amnesia and there seemed to be a good story behind it. I couldn’t catch everything so maybe having a journal would help players to understand what is going on. I got the general idea though.

    I look forward to seeing where this game goes!

    • Awesome, glad you enjoyed it james! Yeah the sound design was a particular highlight, especially that music that plays when the monsters get near! :)

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