Psilosybil – Alpha Demo

Psilosybil is a very tough Crash Bandicoot inspired 3D platformer that takes you on a psychedelic journey as a mushroom lady battles her way through a land of hogs.

Aiming to recreate the look and feel of early 32-bit games, Psilosybil follows a pulchy mushroom as she attempts to rescue her mushroom friends and defeat the Lord of the Hogs. It plays much like the early Crash Bandicoot games, with fixed perspective 3D platforming that offers real challenge and lots of collectibles to grab.

The current build of Psilosybil features two levels – one that’s mainly side-scrolling (Mystic Castle) and one that sees you running into the screen (Boarsailles). Boarsailles is probably the most entertaining but both are fun and they’re both extremely tough. The levels offer plenty of replayability, with secrets to discover and collectibles, and there’s even a time trial mode if you’re really up for a challenge. There’s also a variety of different skins you can use that add an extra layer of PS1 nostalgia.

Psilosybil really does feel like a classic PS1 era platformer. It’s not perfect – it can be hard to judge distances at times and it never feels as precise as the likes of a Mario. These are some minor frustrations that are almost unavoidable when creating a Crash-esque fixed-perspective 3D platformer though. It’s shaping up to be an excellent retro platforming romp full of challenge, charm and creativity.

Download The Psilosybil Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)