Psychedelic Takedown – Game Jam Build Download

Psychedelic Takedown

Psychedelic Takedown is an intense, fast paced and nausea inducing first person shooter in which you go on a drug infused rampage through a labyrinthine maze of corridors, taking on law enforcement and consuming as many mind altering drugs as you can.

In Psychedelic Takedown a drug deal has got horribly wrong, police are swarming around the area and you have to shoot your way out. The endless corridors and rooms you run through in the game as you fight for your life contain cops, guns and psychedelic drugs. Your aim is to get as big a score as possible, grabbing the guns, dodging bullets, shooting the cops and trying to get as high as humanly possible from all the narcotics (which make the screen warp the more you take!)

It’s a very intense experience, with incredibly fast paced run and gun gameplay and drug infused visual effects that will make you feel like you’ve been taking some mind altering substances yourself. A very bad trip well with taking.

Download Psychedelic Takedown Here (Windows)