Psycho Taxi – Game Jam Build Download

Psycho Taxi is a fun little homage to Sega’s classic Crazy Taxi games, where you race a cute little clockwork taxi around a small town and get passengers to their destinations.

Created for the Brackeys Jam, Psycho Taxi is essentially an even more arcadey take on the Crazy Taxi franchise. In the game you get behind the wheel of a little clockwork taxi as it races around a town and delivers passengers to their destinations. Each passenger you collect and drop off will earn you more points and more time, and there are also hidden collectibles around the area that will extend your time too.

The area you play in is very small and it’s not too long before the customers’ routes start to repeat, but Psycho Taxi is a lot of fun nonetheless. The retro arcadey visuals are a delight, the soundtrack rocks and your cute little wind-up taxi handles like a dream. A crazy little taxi ride well worth taking.

Download Psycho Taxi Here (Windows)