Psychocat – Beta Demo


Psychocat is an tough-as-nails tunnel runner where it won’t be your reflexes that let you down, it’ll be your concentration – as control reversals mean you’ll constantly have to keep track of what’s up and what’s down (and left and right).

You control a Zag (a cat who has accidentally snorted a line of Cocaine) as he hurtles down multi-colored, gyrating tunnels packed with obstacles and (worst of all) zones that reverse your controls.  The obstacles aren’t that hard to avoid themselves, but the zones that reverse your controls really mess with your mind.  You can have the best timing in the world, but if you’re pressing the wrong button, you’re going to be one flat cat.  Zag does change color to give you some indication of which controls are reversed, but with so much happening on-screen, that doesn’t make things much easier!

Currently on Steam Greenlight, it’s a psychedelic, fun and very challenging game – the full version promises to be even harder, with 10 levels, 3 difficulty levels, and still be 100% free to play.  With fast gameplay, vibrant visuals and a control scheme that’s designed to mess with your mind, you’ll need great timing and even better concentration to play Psychocat, or you’ll really find out how many lives a cat has (hint: it’s not 9).

Check Out the Greenlight Page & Download the Beta Demo HERE