PsychoFlesh – Game Jam Build Download

PsychoFlesh is a freaky and disorientating retro styled first person horror game where you can walk on walls as you make your way through a giant living flesh monster with thousands of eyes.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, in PsychoFlesh you find yourself alone in a large fleshy structure with only a flaming torch to light your way. All the walls, floors and ceilings around you are made of pulsating red flesh (and eyeballs) and you need to set fire to little altars to gain access to the inner sanctum. The whole place is a labyrinthine maze, and interestingly, there are certain web-like surfaces that allow you to walk up walls (and even upside down) as you search for the altars.

The ending could be improved a little but on the whole it’s a fascinating experience exploring the disorientating fleshy labyrinth of PsychoFlesh. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere, the visuals are excellent and the way you can walk up walls is very cool. In horror games you’re usually being chased by monsters, it’s not often you get to wander around inside one!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download PsychoFlesh Here (Windows)