Psychra – Game Jam Build Download

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Psychra, a game created by Noah Ratcliff and Aidan Markham for Ludum Dare 34 , is a relaxing, polygon based growth simulator that sees you picking up orbs to make the earth evolve and bloom around you.

All you are is a simple angular floating object that must gather the orbs in front of you in a barren land. Before long life begins to sprout from your once desolate surroundings. The more you collect, the more things change around you. Time plays a part too, as the sun and moonlight alter with each bunch of orbs collected. The sprouts around you evolve as you go, bringing forth new life in the form of shrubs, grass and even trees. Eventually you surround yourself with lush green grass and trees as far as the eye can see. You no longer feel alone and abandoned in a lifeless wasteland, instead you’re surrounded by nature in all its beautiful glory.

Noah and Aidan have done well to create a simply designed game that is so calming to not only your mind, but your soul as well. Psychra‘s controls are extremely easy to get used to (either the left and right alt keys or x and , respectively) giving you an easy ride through the game as it all unfold before you. As the world changes your mind begins to feel at ease, making worries of your current time fade into nothingness. If you want a game to just mellow out to and lose yourself in, then Psychra is certainly a game worth taking for a spin.

Download Psychra Here (Windows Only)