Pulsr – Game Jam Build Download

pulsar game

Pulsr, a fast paced shooter made for the January 2016 Lisp Game Jam, has you shooting shapes in a bite-sized minimalist Geometry Wars-esque bullet hell

You control the main ship which is trapped in a big box on the screen. You must move around this box shooting all of the enemies that spawn in. Some enemies that appear are able to shoot you, while others shoot out smaller enemies to take you down themselves. There are a couple of power ups, like a shield and triple shot, that show up from time to time as well as health packs to help you gain the edge on your fast enemies.

Pulsr is quite challenging. You must be fast at clearing the area of enemies, as the longer you let them live, the more enemies they produce, filling up the screen. Before long, the area can become a tangled mess of bullets, with you the target. It is a challenge to stay alive and with only a small health bar, you must try to get the highest score you can.  How long will you survive this bite sized bullet hell?

Download Pulsr Here (Win, Mac & Linux)