Punch Club 2: Fast Forward – Beta Demo

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is a Sci-Fi boxing RPG adventure where you go in search of your father after being isolated in your home for the past 20 years.

As with the original, Punch Club 2: Fast Forward draws inspiration from classic 80’s/90’s action movies, but this instalment takes place in a satirical cyberpunk future. You are a young man whose mother didn’t allow him to leave the house for the first 20 years of his life. Now he’s ventured out though and he’s keen to find out who and where his father is. It won’t be easy though – he’ll need to earn some cash, join the police force, solve crimes and become a champion fighter.

You have a map of the city which allows you to visit different locations and travelling to them will cost time, or some money and less time. There are plenty of people to meet and quests to complete, unlocking new fighting schools and moves, as well as earning you cash and good person points. The moves you unlock can be used in fights, with you essentially programming your fighter with them at the start of a fight and then watching as the fight plays out in real-time.

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic game, with excellent pixel art animation and an intriguing Sci-Fi narrative that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The world is beautifully fleshed out and each environment is packed full of great little details and fun little gags. The first Punch Club was good, but part two looks like it’s going to be a knock-out.

Download The Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Beta Demo Here (Steam)