PUNCHMEN – Alpha Demo


PUNCHMEN is a very silly multilayer ragdoll fighting game in which all the players float about in zero gravity and attempt to kill each other with all manner of weaponry – from suicide bombs to lightsabers.

There’s very little in the way of finesse in PUNCHMEN but there’s plenty of anarchic fun to be had. The control system and zero gravity combat takes a little getting used to, with you using the mouse (or WASD) to float around the arenas and using the Q and E buttons to use the weapons you collect. In the games you float around, grab some weapons and attempt to inflict as much pain on the other team as possible (which often isn’t much as it can be remarkably hard to aim!)

The PUNCHMEN Alpha Demo features online multiplayer across four differently themed levels and three different game modes, and once you embrace the zero gravity wobbly-limbed ragdoll chaos of it all, it’s a lot of fun. There’s a nice selection of weaponry available, with different themed weapons on each level and you can carry two at a time to inflict maximum damage (dual wielding lightsabers is particularly cool).

PUNCHMEN will probably never be taken seriously as a multiplayer combat game (it actually shares more in common with Agar.io than a ‘proper’ fighting game), but it’s perfect for a bit of lighthearted blood splattered multiplayer action. Fun floaty fighting full of floppy ragdoll chaos.

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