Punhos de Repúdio – Alpha Demo

Punhos de Repúdio is a beautiful hand animated satirical side-scrolling beat ‘em up where you patrol the streets of Brazil and beat up any of the covidiots that are refusing to wear masks!

In Punhos de Repúdio you take on the role of a heroic citizen who has taken to the streets to beat up the idiots that are spreading lies and disease during a global pandemic. The masked-up avenger may be outnumbered but she can kick some serious ass, with her able to kick, punch, throw and use an “essential worker” special move. If she manages to dispatch five enemies in a row without getting hit then she also enters a “pissed off” mode where she can dish out even more pain.

The combat in Punhos de Repúdio could do with a little more depth, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless and the artwork is fantastic. There are lots of great little touches in the background and the character animation is superb. It’s also a perfect way to relieve any pent up aggression you have for the anti-maskers, religious nuts and conspiracy theorists who have done their damndest to make the pandemic even worse!

Download Punhos de Repúdio Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)