Puppet Master: The Game (Leach Woman Build) – Prototype Download


Ready for some cult classic horror asymmetric multiplayer this Halloween? Well you’re in luck, the Puppet Master: The Game developers have just released a new build of their game in time for All Hallows Eve, with a bunch of tweaks, improvements and the addition of a new fan favourite puppet – Leach Woman!!

For those unaware of Puppet Master: The Game, it’s a delightfully fun and genuinely scary asymmetric multiplayer game based on the Puppet Master franchise that pits humans versus puppets in a fight to the death. Humans are bigger, stronger and can use guns, but the puppets are fast, able so scurry through small spaces (like air vents), have a cool selection of weaponry and have numbers on their side. It’s fun playing as a human or a puppet, but it gets a whole lot scarier when you’re playing as a human and see the evil little puppets scurrying around you! As well as the normal Puppets Vs Humans game mode you can also have two teams of puppets fighting each other in ‘Puppet War’ mode.

We’ve featured Puppet Master; The Game on Alpha Beta Gamer a few of times now, but alway love an excuse to play it again. The previous roster of playable playable puppets included Blade, Jester, Tunneler, Torch, Decapitron and Pinhead, but now Leech Woman has joined the fray! As well as the new character, the new build fixes some balancing issues, adds the ability to play all the maps in Puppet Wars mode and a adds brand new map called ‘October’. So if you’re looking for some multiplayer horror games to play this Halloween, we highly recommend checking out Puppet Master: The Game – creepy cult horror with no strings attached!

Note: As Puppet Master: The Game is still an early prototype, it may be hard to find many people online at times. But around 11 PM GMT (5pm EST) seems to be quite busy usually. Feel free to post times you’ll be playing in the comments below too!

Useful Key Bindings: T – Talk, F1 – Score, Settings & Controls Menu, 1/2/3 – Switch Weapons

Check Out a Gameplay Video of the Previous Build Here

Download the Latest Puppet Master: The Game Prototype Build Here