Puppet Master: The Game – Multiplayer Prototype Download

puppet master

Puppet Master: The Game is an awesome new horror game based on the cult movies of the 80’s and 90’s, featuring asymmetric multiplayer that pits three diminutive (but deadly) puppets against one human.

We first featured the interactive trailer back in September in which you control Blade as he searches for the rest of his little friends, but now a fully functioning prototype with 3 v 1 multiplayer gameplay has been released, and it’s just as good as we hoped.  The deliberately Low Fi graphical style may not be photorealistic, but it fits perfectly with it’s video nasty source material, and the gameplay is superb.

Players can choose between four of the Master’s creations – Blade, Tunneler, Torch and Jester, pitting them against one large, well armed detective as he investigates The Bodega Bay Inn and Toulon’s workshop.  The puppets are (unsurprisingly) the most fun to play as, each with their own attacks, able to scuttle about at high speeds, hide their diminutive forms easily and access hidden routes (such as air vents).  That being said, it’s still fun and certainly at it’s most scary when playing as the human, with plenty of scares as Blade and friends jump out from their hiding places.

Puppet Master: The Game is still very early in development, with one game mode, one map and a handful of characters available at the moment, but the devs plan to add a whole lot more and it already has the foundations of a fantastic game.  A perfect tribute to the classic movies and also a great game in it’s own right.  Highly recommended asymmetric puppeteering.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once Killed, Press ‘Tab’ then ‘select character’ to continue. (we’d also recommend reading the readme that comes with the game)

TIP:  Each character has two attacks, use 1 and 2 to switch between them.

For a reminder of how awesome the original films were, check out the trailers HERE

Download the Single Player Interactive Trailer HERE

Download The Multiplayer Prototype HERE (windows Only)