Puppet Master: The Game – Prototype Download

Puppet Master The Game

Puppet Master: The Game is an awesome asymmetric multiplayer combat game that pits puppets against humans in a perfect homage to to the cult horror movies of the 80’s and 90’s.

We featured the original Puppet Master: The Game Prototype on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago and found it to be a superb take on the Puppet Master franchise and a great multiplayer combat game in it’s own right. Since then, the devs have been hard at work on this (as well as working on their other impressive horror-themed project, Horror Legends) and have just released a much improved build, with a variety of gameplay tweaks, improved combat, improved hit box detection, better (but still nice and grainy) visuals, a new gameplay mode that pits puppets vs puppets (with special alternate skins for the 2nd team), and two new puppets – Decapitron and Pinhead!

In Puppet Master: The Game, players choose whether to take on the role of one of the puppets or a Nazi agent who is looking to uncover Toulon’s (the Puppet Master) killer puppet-creating secrets. The humans are bigger and stronger than the puppets, and can also use weapons, but the puppets, much like in the films, have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to make the humans life as short and as painful as possible! Each of the puppets has their own strengths – Pinhead’s is literally his strength, Decapitron can shoot and use a tesla bolt, Tunneller is super fast and can drill into flesh, Torch has a flamethrower, Jester can fire projectiles and jump high (great for finding sneaky ambush spots), and Blade is just an all-round badass. The Humans are just as fun to play as the puppets though, as you get a real sense of terror when you see one of the little b*****ds scuttling around in your peripheral view!

The current build of Puppet Master: The Game is still far from the finished product, but the new improvements, tweaks and additions are excellent. It’s shaping up to be a great use of the licence – a terror filled multiplayer combat game with grimy, low fi visuals and near perfect recreations of the puppets. A multiplayer horror game will really pull your strings!

Note: As Puppet Master: The Game is still an early prototype, it may be hard to find many people online.  But around 11 PM GMT (5pm EST) seems to be quite busy usually.  Feel free to post times you’ll be playing in the comments below too!

Useful Key Bindings: T – Talk, F1 – Score, Settings & Controls Menu, 1/2/3 – Switch Weapons

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Puppet Master: The Game Here

Download The Puppet Master: The Game Prototype Here (Windows Only)