Puppet Master: The Game – Prototype Download

puppet master the game

Wow!  Now this is a blast from the past, and a very exciting prospect too!  Puppet Master: The Game brings those creepy puppets from the classic cult horror film back to life with asynchronous multiplayer as 3 puppets hunt down one big human.

For those unaware of the awesomeness that is the Puppet Master, check out the Movie trailers here, then go watch the movies (only the first few though, there are 10 of them and the later ones are garbage).

Taking a leaf out of PT‘s book (btw if you have a PS4 go and play that now!), the devs have released an ‘interactive trailer’ which allows you to control Blade – the most iconic of the Puppets.  You get to explore the Masters Workshop, then round up all the other puppets so that they can do what they do best (kill humans).  There’s no actual combat in the Interactive Trailer, but it’s great fun scuttling as Blade, meeting the other puppets, all lovingly re-created in perfect detail, down to the noise their little wooden footsteps make across the floor.

The full game promises puppet Vs puppet deathmatches, but it’s the 3 Vs 1 ‘Hunt Mode’ that sounds the most enticing.  This asynchronous 3 Vs 1 multiplayer mode pits one human detective against 3 puppets.  The detective is investigating the mysterious incidents at the Bodega Bay Inn and must locate 5 randomly spawned artefacts, the puppets wish to keep their masters work a secret and are more than happy to murder the detective in order to do so.

If Puppet Master: The Game ends up being half as good as it sounds it’s going to be a corker.  Things are definitely off to a good start with the Interactive Trailer, which looks, sounds, feels and plays like an authentic extension/recreation of the films.  The Master would be proud of this creation.

Watch our Playthough HERE

Download the Interactive Trailer HERE (middle mouse button toggles First & 3rd Person)