Purifire – Game Jam Build Download

Purifire game download

Purifire, a tricky pixel art platformer made for the Home of the Nerds Game Jam, sees you killing yourself repeatedly to solve puzzles, as you attempt to put an end to your tortured existence in a place were you cannot truly die or truly live.

In Purifire you play Shiron, a tortured soul who is trying to achieve death in a lost world between life and death. This world has many different puzzles that must be solved before you reach a cleansing fire at the end of each level.

You have a gun, which can be used to kill yourself to turn you into a ghost or shoot levers to trigger them. As a ghost, you can move through red walls or the environment, but you can only move left or right across the screen, not up or down, which makes getting around the levels a rather tricky experience. The gun only has a limited number of bullets and the levels will often require you to shoot yourself (or the levers) multiple times so you need to plan your route through the level carefully.

As you go on this journey with Shiron, he will talk about his death and how he feels about it. It is a grim world that he wants to escape – but for whatever reason he just keeps coming back to life. As you succeed in death, it becomes more complicated to get to the fire; walls, levers, unreachable areas, all stand in your way.

Purifire impresses with it’s beautiful pixel art animation, intriguing narrative, clever level design and inventive suicidal puzzle platforming mechanics.  A unique puzzle platforming adventure you’ll be dying to play!

Download Purifire Here (Win Only)