Push Down To Destroy – Game Jam Build Download

Push Down To Destroy is a fun little game that really tests your inner sense of timing as you attempt to control the time intervals between detonation pulses to blow up toy houses.

In Push Down To Destroy you literally just have to push the down cursor key to destroy buildings. This isn’t as simple as it seems though as you also have to press the key several times and you have to get the timing right between each one. Each house has a series bars that indicate how the timing between each button press should be – longer bars need a longer time between button presses and shorter ones require less.

It’s a tricky little game that requires a real sense of timing as you self regulate your button presses. There’s a strict time limit too, so you have to hurry. A great little slice of demolition fun that’s not as easy as the title would suggest.

Note: We highly recommend clicking on the ‘How to Play’ icon on the main menu. It’s very informative!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Push Down To Destroy Here (Windows)