Push & Pull – Alpha Download

Push & Pull is a clever little puzzle platformer where you use magnets to push and pull you through the air.

In Push & Pull there are two types of magnets – negatively charged ones that attract you and positively charged ones that repel you. This magnetic repulsion/attraction only occurs when you get within a certain distance of the magnets and only when you press the button to activate them. You need to use the magnetic forces to push, swing and catapult you through the air as you make your way through each level.

It takes a while to get to grips with the intricacies of swinging yourself through the air and there are some sections that will frustrate, but it’s a great concept that makes you feel like a magnetized Spider-Man when you pull off a particularly great feat of agility. A magnetic little platformer that will attract, challenge and delight.

Download The Push & Pull Alpha Here (Windows)