Push Up High – Alpha Download

Push Up High is a very weird Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy inspired rage-inducing first person physics-based platformer where you flap your arms about to propel you through the environments.

In Push Up High you control your character entirely with the mouse. You’re a TV with two big blue arms sticking out in front of it and when you move them mouse up and down, your arms propel you through the air. You can also left-click to grab onto grabbable scenery, allowing you to scale walls or prevent a nasty fall. As in Getting Over It, falls can be very costly too, sending you back to the start of the level at times.

It’s a fun concept that works surprisingly well once you get the hang of it and the level design offers up plenty of rage-inducing hilarity if you make any screw ups. The visuals are great too and a TV with two big muscly blue arms is a very unique character!

Download The Push Up High Alpha Here (Windows)