PUSS! – Beta Demo

PUSS! is a super tough and incredibly bizarre blend of precision mouse control, bullet hell and cats that sees you guiding your little feline through a variety of increasingly surreal mazes and battling powerful bosses.

In PUSS! you control a little cat who has managed to become trapped in another dimension. The only way out is through a series of randomly selected vaporwave-styled stages that require precision and perfect timing to pass through. Controlled entirely with the mouse, the majority of the stages in PUSS! are comprised of mazes that you have to navigate through without touching the sides. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though as the mazes move, obstacles get in the way and you may even have to dodge bullets too!

You start PUSS! with nine lives and you can earn more by completing levels quickly, but when you reach a particularly tough level those lives can quickly disappear! Make it to world 10 and you’ll have to deal with a particularly aggressive chihuahua in an incredibly tough bullet hell face off.

It’s a an absurd and intense dodge ’em up full of surreal sights, challenging gameplay and feline oddity. A brilliantly bizarre adventure with a great sense of humor and gameplay that will really test your precision (cat and) mouse control!

Download The PUSS! Beta Demo Here (Steam)