Putrefaction – Alpha Download


Putrefaction is survival-Horror FPS with roguelike elements like randomly-generated levels and permadeath, set in an underground bunker, filled with various nasty mutants and monsters.

It’s still very early in development, but it certainly shows promise, with the gunplay feeling nice and solid and some rather freaky enemy designs (The Thing-style headcrabs are a particular highlight).   The aim of the game at the moment is to travel down as deep into the bunker as possible before you inevitably die (there’s no health regeneration or health packs).  On your way through the procedurally generated bunkers, you’ll come across a selection of weaponry, from knives to AK-47s to fend off the monstrous hordes (‘F’ picks up weapons & opens doors).

The dev still plans to add a lot more features to Putrefaction, and there’s a lot of placeholder art and animation, but it’s already got a nicely sinister vibe and the procedural generation means you’re never quite sure what’s around the next corner.

Watch a gameplay video HERE

Download the Alpha HERE