Putty Putter – Beta Demo

Putty Putter is a clever and devilishly tricky sokoban-style block pushing game where you can use your surroundings to expand yourself into useful shapes.

Much like in golf, in each level of Putty Putter your aim is to knock a ball (or several balls) into a hole. You start each level with a small square of putty which you can move around and push other objects with as in a traditional sokoban game. However, you can also press Shift and a direction to make your square of putty expand in that direction.

Getting the balls in the holes can often require you to be a particular shape and moving certain objects often requires you to be a certain mass (such as six blocks large). This and the fact that each level is quite cramped means that you have to be very tactical with your movements and the directions you expand in.

It’s a simple concept that’s cleverly executed and allows for some remarkably tricky puzzles that require real thought and planning to succeed. Plus there’s something oddly satisfying about the way your putty expands to fill the space they’re in!

Download The Putty Putter Beta Demo Here (Windows)