Puzezl – Prototype Download

Puzezl is a very cleverly crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you can use your telekinetic powers to rearrange the jigsaw based world around you.

In Puzezl the aim in each level is to rearrange the world into a complete picture then make your way to the exit. You have the ability to move the jigsaw shaped piece of land that you are standing in and you can also move other pieces if they are locked in to the piece that you’re standing in. You can also use ground pounds and a “telekinetic overdrive” to disconnect locked in pieces, which comes in handy for the later levels.

The pixel art visuals are excellent and the way the jigsaw based puzzle platforming works in Puzezl is very intuitive, with simple controls and clear rules. It’s the level design that is most impressive though – it’s full of inventive puzzles that really challenge the player and the final level has a particularly clever solution. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Puzezl Prototype Here (Windows)