Puzzle Depot – Alpha Demo

Puzzle Depot

Puzzle Depot, a game being created by Laughing Manatee Games, is a wonderful and inventive box pushing, bug squashing puzzle adventures with charming pixel art visuals and a surprisingly epic storyline.

In Puzzle Depot you play as a new employee to a ‘special’ science laboratory. Your job in question? Pushing and moving boxes for the other people to lazy to do so of course (what ever pays the bills, right?). As you make your way in to work on your first day, you’re greeted by your boss that tells you to get to work asap and you begin your day pushing boxes over switches to make your way through the complex. Along the way you will find key cards that will unlock the next room(s) and some of the said key cards are harder to acquire than you might first think. So after a hard days work you finally find the boss of the complex, Dr. Weiss, who is extremely enthusiastic to greet you. She then offers you more money to ‘sleep’ for 24 hours and you accept (better pay, just for sleep! Why not).

This is when your luck takes a turn for the worse. You wake up after what you believe has been 24 hours, only to find out that you’ve been sleeping for 702 YEARS! The game then changes from a fun-loving puzzler, into a mystery solver as well. Puzzle Depot fuses these two genres together perfectly, giving you an urge to find out why you had slept so long and what Wiess was truly up to. Can you solve the puzzles to learn the truth? We’d really recommend giving Puzzle Depot a good hard push onto your computer to find out!

Download the Puzzle Depot Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)