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Pyramid is an addictive clicker game, made for the God Jam It!, where you are an Egyptian God, working within a time limit, to build a 9 level pyramid.

In this unique clicker, you are a God who must ‘persuade’ his followers to build a giant pyramid in your honor. Even Gods have time restraints, as you must get this whole structure built in less than six minutes. To build a pyramid, you must have stone as well as people to build it for you. You can gain these slowly over time, though if you only rely on the slow trickling in of resources by human followers, you will not get your pyramid done in six minutes.

You must switch between clicking on your pyramid building site to other parts of map like the village or the rock quarry. Once at the village or rock quarry, you are able to click there to gain more of that resource. Each click is worth one of that resource, though there is a cap on how much of a specific thing you can hold. You can upgrade both the village and quarry by maxing out your stone and hitting upgrade. Upgrades will allow you to gain more resources per click as well as hold much more than you previously were able to.

As a God, you must also manage your followers. You are able to let them slack off, make them work at a normal pace, or start beating them to make them faster. Beating them or not allowing resting times can cause their happiness to drain, thus resulting in a revolt. You must balance your resources and the happiness of your people, all while building floor after floor of a cool looking pyramid.

This clicker is much more than clicking one thing over and over. It takes management of your people, as well as work from you, to get this pyramid done in just six minutes. When building nine levels, this time goes faster than you would think.

Download Pyramid HERE (Win Only)

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