Pyramid Raid – Alpha Download (Steam)

Pyramid Raid

Pyramid Raid is a build, share and play platformer recently released on Steam Early Access that puts you in control of a mummified merchant, placing traps in your pyramid and looting the crypts of other members of the undead.

Very little has changed in concept or appearance from when we first covered Pyramid Raid‘s closed alpha. Pyramid Raid has two primary modes of play: pyramid raiding and level building. When you select a level to play, you’ll be presented with a 2D platforming segment adorned with various traps meant to slow you down and/or kill you. Part of the novelty of Pyramid Raid lies in the variety of wacky death animations you trigger when you fail to avoid a trap. Whether you’re getting swatted by a giant hand or crushed beneath a boot, each death you rack up is sure to elicit a chuckle. On the downside, there is a noticeable amount of awkwardness when wall jumping and its status as an early access game isn’t enough to ignore the graphical issues and the general dearth of good sound design.

Level building is kept pretty basic, allowing you multiple slots to try out and save different level designs. Inside the level builder, you can reinforce your pyramid’s defences with traps and decorations bought with the gold you’ve collected while raiding pyramids. Being a free-to-play game, Pyramid Raid naturally has a secondary, paid currency system you can use to amp up your level design or to costume your mummy. Unlike in similar titles such as ZeptoLab’s King of Thieves, Pyramid Raid asks you to design your levels with the other player’s experience in mind. When a player successfully loots your pyramid, you don’t lose currency but rather you are awarded in accordance with the rating they give your level. It’s a fun system that discourages trolling with unfair trap placement and encourages fun level design.

Note: You must complete the first collection of levels to unlock the level editor and the rest of the game.

Download The Pyramid Raid Alpha Here