Pyramid Raid – Alpha Sign Up

Pyramid Raid

Pyramid Raid is a fun looking game that offers a unique mix of platforming and tower defense, as you control a mummified Egyptian merchant looting other players pyramids, while bolstering your own defenses.

A little reminiscent of A Mighty Quest For Epic Loot or The Castle Doctrine, Pyramid Raid allows you to fill your pyramid with a wide range of devious traps and let other players attempt to conquer it.  In a nice twist, you won’t be penalised if people manage to beat your pyramid, instead it utilises a LittleBigPlanet-style reward system, with you gaining gold for every player that plays and likes your design.

It’s an interesting concept, and most importantly the platforming gameplay looks fun.  There are tons of brutal (and funny) ways to die in Pyramid Raid so watch your step!

UPDATE: Alpha No Longer Available