Q-YO Blaster – Beta Download

Q YO Blaster Game Download

Q-YO Blaster is a charming and challenging side scrolling bullet hell shooter in which a guinea pig, a girl and a plane team up to take out an army of insects.

The current Beta build of Q-YO Blaster features three beautifully animated levels that see you battling through the skies and the undergrowth against an army of deadly insects. You have three unique playable characters to choose from – a hamster with a rocket-pack, a girl with rocket boots and a weird anthropomorphic plane, all of which can be kitted out with unique special abilities that can be unleashed when you’ve collected enough apples to fill your special bar.

It’s an action packed little game and the adorable pixel art visuals belie a surprisingly challenging shooter. A rocket propelled hamster shooter packed with charm and character.

Note: You can complete the game on easy, but it will just taunt you for doing so!

Download The Q-YO Blaster Beta Here (Windows)