QR Code Killer – Alpha Demo

QR Code Killer is an innovative new murder mystery game where you scan QR codes in the game to find clues while attempting to track down a murderer.

In QR Code Killer you take on the role of a detective who is investigating a series of murders, which most recently resulted in the killing of your mentor right in-front of you during a blackout in the subway. To investigate the murder you need to search for clues then interrogate witnesses and try to figure out which of them are lying.

When released QR Code Killer will come with a companion app for iOS and Android devices which will allow you to scan QR codes you find and materialize the clues on your phone screen. The app hasn’t been released yet though so you have to make do with the in-game QR code scanner which you activate by pressing “Q”.

Once you’ve found a clue you can interrogate witnesses in the area, which you do by actually typing out the clue you want to discuss (so if you find a gun, you type “gun” to start a line of questioning about it). You then type any keywords you notice in the witness’ statement to continue the line of questioning to its conclusion. You can play the role of a good cop or a bad cop during questioning, though the results are often the same. If your questioning throws up a statement that’s contradictory to another witness’ statement then you can then use that information to confront the lying witness and discover more information

Unfortunately the demo build only gives you access to two suspects, with the rest being behind a locked door (though you can interrogate a man behind the door if you aim through the door and press ‘E’), so you can’t solve the case in the current build. It does give you a good taste of things to come though and the blend of QR code scanning and detective work goes well. The visual design is great, the characters are interesting and the way you have to actually type out relevant keywords you notice in the witness testimonies is a particularly nice touch that makes you feel like you’re actually doing some detective work. An intriguing murder mystery adventure with some clever little touches.

Download The QR Code Killer Alpha Demo Here (Windows)