quadrant – Beta Demo


quadrant (all lower-case) is a fast paced rhythm-action game where all you have to do is press the corresponding direction that the large box is located in before it moves.  Sound easy?  Rest assured, it most certainly is not!

Things start of reasonably easy with some basic boxes on a monochrome background, but as soon as you start to get the hang of it, quadrant will switch things up a bit, adding color, and increasingly snazzy effects – until you’re left with the super-hard and rather hypnotic vision that’s depicted in the GIF above.  There are 2 boxes that move on screen, but it’s best to ignore what the little box is doing, as although it signals where the next move can be, it can be very distracting – your eyes have more than enough to cope with anyway.

All this addictive and challenging gameplay is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, with each level animated differently according to the song.  It really does help to have the volume turned up, as the beat of the song helps you stick to the pattern and stops you from making too many rash button presses.

The simple graphical style of quadrant belies a deceptively tricky and addictive game – a mesmerising slice of melodic rhythm action.

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Download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux – Tutorial & Control Pad recommended)